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Innowatio offers its expertise aimed at implementing the best practices in terms of energy use and adopting the best technologies available. Providing services that generate energy savings in the widest array of fields.


Innowatio is the ideal partner for making the switch from traditional and rigid supply solutions to a dynamic and active system that allows clients to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by today's increasingly flexible energy market.


Reactivity, flexibility and focus on core business: these are the values that require us to look at markets in a new way, along with partnerships, processes and strategic supplies, such as electricity and natural gas.


Innowatio offers bespoke services to energy managers, that require expert support based on full collaboration, and entrepreneurs, who rely on new forms of expertise in the field of energy management.


Innowatio is the perfect partner for all large-scale energy users. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of a broad spectrum of energy issues, Innowatio has gained a prominent position on the energy market.


Innowatio is the right partner for those who want to manage new energy needs and increase profitability through state-of-the-art services for managing energy portfolios and optimizing energy consumption.


Innowatio offers a complete range of services to ensure energy efficiency - from conducting audits to identifying the necessary interventions and relative planning, development, management and financing, adopting a shared-savings approach.


Innowatio  analyses energy demands to create portfolios that can be continuously optimized, based exclusively on the client's best interest, without taking an independent stance, and shares the results with clients through profit-sharin


In energy-intensive enterprises, reducing energy costs by even a few percentage points results in higher earnings than those that could be obtained through the acquisition of new clients or different forms of investment.


Innowatio is a reliable partner that helps customers handle strategically important aspects of their operations with an extensive array of services: from the supply of energy to the management of energy portfolios, energy efficiency improvements and ancillary services.


Innowatio has developed service models tailored to the specific needs of every energy-intensive sector: heavy industry, businesses in different fields, the public sector and in consumer associations such as consortia or city-owned companies.


Innowatio works with energy consumers adopting an approach with no conflict of interest, collecting fees for its services through a profit sharing and shared-savings approach, i.e. by sharing the achieved results.


The company was founded in 2008 by a group of experts in foreign markets, who were convinced that the role of energy demand can be represented and put to good use by means of novel tools and methods.

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